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Over 30 years of Quality and Service

Are you looking for an experienced contractor to install or maintain your air-conditioning system? Hadrian Air Conditioning, established in 1985 have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the air conditioning industry, having successfully completed many contracts throughout the UK and Europe.
Hadrian offer a complete range of services, including the selection of suitable systems for a particular application, supply, installation, routine maintenance and full after sales service. 

Scoring highly in the following fields:

  • Shops and stores - We offer systems suitable for a whole range of different retail applications. Whether its for single or multiple floor trading areas, in traditional high street stores or shopping centres; we can install a system that works for you.
  • Offices - The attraction of air conditioning spreads across the whole range of different needs, from a single person office to a  multi-storey office block, being flexible to accommodate future changes of internal layout of building use.
  • Warehouses with integral offices - The adaptability of their air conditioning systems makes them an attractive proposition in dual use buildings such as warehouses with dedicated office accommodation.
  • Hotels and other large buildings - The versatility of modern air conditioning equipment makes it ideal for other commercial building applications including hotels, motels, pubs, night clubs and leisure complexes, providing pleasant environment during leisure periods.
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With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on Hadrian Air Conditioning for installations, services and repairs.
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The best product for the customer

Being totally independent the company feels it is able to offer, what it considers to be the best product for the individual application of each customer.
"We are very modern in our outlook - our contracting operations are supported by the latest computer and office technology. All our designs are computer-aided and our systems are under constant review and updated as and when necessary.
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