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In the beginning...

Brilliant foresight lies behind the successful outcome of the launch of an air conditioning company, which some sceptics might have regarded as geographically misplaced. By 1985 air conditioning was hardly a new concept. And any doubts that the climatically-challenged North East might not be ready to join the international boom proved groundless. The founder of Hadrian Air Conditioning saw big changes on the horizon for this region - and was absolutely right in believing that this would translate into massive prospects for his business.

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From 1 employee to a 50-strong workforce 

What began with just one air conditioning engineer, at Broompark, near Durham City, over 30 years ago, has steadily grown into an operation with a 50-strong workforce. Our skills are in demand regionally and nationally, with even Europe featuring in the firm's bulging contract portfolio.

Managing Director Alan Unsworth fully understands how their success might not have been anticipated in some quarters. Although 30 years ago it wasn't possible to clearly see how the North East's economy was going to be re-shaped during the approach to the 21st century, it was obvious the region was no longer going to be a major centre for coal, shipbuilding and other heavy industries.

The birth of new technology

With heavy industries being a thing of the past in the North East "we looked set for more diversity in future with an accent on new technology-based and service business - which certainly would require the pleasant environmental conditions created by air conditioning".

So setting up Hadrian was more of a shrewd move than a gamble and the pay-off has been impressive with air conditioning very much in demand as disused former shipyards, heavy engineering works and collieries have been transformed into modern business parks, the leisure industry has mushroomed, new hotels have sprung up and the coveted shopping mall era has dawned.
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Refrigeration based technology

Refrigeration based technology

"More recently we have noticed a significant shift in the thought process with refrigeration based technology satisfying many energy efficiency guidelines. Heating only refrigerant based systems and heat recovery air conditioning systems are being installed to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings".

Hadrian marches on

After only seven years at Rosse Close, Hadrian Air have found it necessary to move premises once again. Victims of their own success, the North's leading air conditioning contractors have once again outgrown their premises. This latest move sees the company take up residence in Hadrian House - a purpose designed unit at Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington.

The new building affords some 8,000 square feet of office and warehousing space over two floors, compared with the 3,500 provided by the Rosse Close premises. The move was completed in May 2005.
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