Saltwell Towers

Saltwell Towers - Gateshead

Saltwell Towers - Gateshead

VRF heat pump system

Hadrian Air Conditioning have installed a VRF Heat pump system into Saltwell Towers, at Saltwell Park on the outskirts of Gateshead. Known locally as the 'People's Park', Saltwell Park was first opened to the public in 1876 to provide a haven for working people to visit. Standing in 55 acres of landscape, woodland and ornamental gardens, the Victorian mansion Saltwell Towers, built in 1862, lay in ruins for many years. However with funding agreed between the Heritage Lottery Fund and Gateshead Council it was decided to restore Saltwell Towers and Saltwell Park to their former glory.
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Mansion restoration

The £10 million project started in 1999 with the complete restoration of the mansion in 2004. Gateshead Council wanted to provide a bright and modern visitor centre within Saltwell Towers, but this had to be achieved within the strict regulations of a Grade II listed building.

With the comfort of visitors being very important, Hadrian Air Conditioning were asked by Gateshead Council's Design Services to come up with a system that would offer climate control in the most cost effective way but which would also blend in with the internal fabric of the building.

Performance in cooling and noise levels

Alan Unsworth of Hadrian explained, "We decided to use the VRF Heat Pump system due to the internal restrictions of a listed building. The ducted fan coils offered both performance in cooling duties and noise levels required, as well as being able to integrate with the Architects' vision of the internal aesthetics".

Alan continued "Saltwell Towers is a Grade II listed building therefore there were certain considerations to the building structure which had to be taken into account during the installation. SCALA, The Society of Chief Architects of Local Authorities named the restored Towers as its Civic Building of the Year. It has also been awarded the RICS North of England Heritage Building of the Year.
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