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Desco Offices Sunderland

Desco Offices Sunderland

Providing the best environment for your staff

When leading North East Building Services Consulting Engineers Desco were looking for new offices, the owners wanted to provide the best environment for their staff, in addition to protecting the company against future building regulations, by installing the most modern and energy efficient air conditioning possible.

Following the decision to build new offices, Desco asked local air conditioning contractors to put forward proposals. From this process they selected Hadrian Air Conditioning of Washington, Tyne and Wear to install and maintain an environmental control system for Azure House, the new two-storey office in Sunderland.
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Located in Washington, Tyne and Wear

Heat and cool your open spaces

"We've known Hadrian Air Conditioning since they started but this was a competitive process and they got the job by coming up with the best proposal," explained Paul Saxton, Desco Director.

As mechanical and electrical building services consulting engineers, working primarily in the construction industry, Desco are well aware of the myriad options available in climate control and Hadrian have installed two Mitsubishi Electric City Multi R2 heat recovery condensers which heat and cool the open plan offices and meeting rooms on the ground and first floor.

Economical heating and cooling

The R2 system is able to take energy from one indoor unit and transfer it to another, so cooling mode units can help others in heating mode run super efficiently and save Desco energy costs.

"Desco needed a solution that was both economical in capital terms and in year-round operating costs and the City Multi system works really well because the inverter driven units consume only the minimum amount of energy necessary and the heat transfer capability also reduces consumption," commented Alan Unsworth, Managing Director of Hadrian Air Conditioning.

Installation for new builds

"Being a new build meant the installation was very straightforward, although we also recommend City Multi because of its flexibility of design," he added.

Desco are also able to reclaim the tax on the capital cost of the equipment because the inverter driven City Multi equipment qualifies under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. 

If you would like a demonstration of the air-con system we use, check our location on the map and book a visit.

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