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The first in the North East 

Hadrian Air Conditioning were the first in the North East to install Mitsubishi's advanced new PC controller.

It is now an easy matter to view and control your air conditioning systems using Internet Explorer on a desktop PC. Mitsubishi's password protected virtual remote controller combines all of the functionality you would expect with additional features in an easy-to-use graphic interface.
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Demonstration of our systems

By using the TG-2000A software with a Wide Area Network you can control and monitor all your office locations from the same central point, providing yet more benefits. Alternatively the whole system can be utilised over a WiFi network (as opposed to hard wired LAN).

TG-2000A software for air conditioners

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For demonstrations...

Hadrian Air Conditioning, the North's largest air conditioning contractor, chose the Mitsubishi WR2 Water Cooled VRF System for their own premises in Crowther Estate, Washington.

Hadrian House will serve as a convenient alternative venue for companies in the North East wishing to see a demonstration of the system.

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